Upcoming Shows
  • Thursday March 23rd 07:30PM - Midtown GR
  • Full House Comedy Presents David Nihill at Listening Room
  • Join comedian Dave Nihill for a night of real Irish comedy. Accent included.Leaving Dublin, Ireland where he was born and raised until the age of 22, Dave got drunk on travel andnever quite hit sobriety of it. He has lived and worked in twelve countries and visited over seventy. Hisshows draw on his wide travels, cultural observations, attempts at language study, (occasional)international drinking session(s) and being a mildly confused immigrant.Dave is the winner of the prestigious annual San Francisco Comedy Competition, (previous finalistsinclude Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and Dana Carvey) and runner up in the Moth’s largest USGrandslam storytelling competition. He recorded his debut special for Dry Bar Comedy in 2019 and hasbeen featured on TED.com, Amazon Prime Video, The Irish Independent, Inc, Sirius XM, NPR, IrelandAM, and the Huffington Post among others. A festival favourite Dave’s videos have also gone viralmany times over with over 100 million views and a social following of over one million people.